Smart House Open House – This Saturday March 13

SIP Paneles SA is constructing sips in Nicaragua and they have built one of these homes in San Juan del Sur. It will be open to the public this Saturday, March 13, from 9 am – noon & 2-5 pm.

Drop by after (or before) your stop in at the Farmers Market (Sports Park) and learn all about the new building system using SIP Panels for an affordable and faster construction solution.

Structural Insulated panels or sips are essentially a sandwich of Expanded Poly styrene (Styrofoam) glued to cemntous fiber board or plywood under extreme pressure. Using proven technology from the United States and Germany, SIP Panales claims they are capable of producing a house in a day.

The company also claims that these houses have the best R factors of any homes being built in the country today; that the construction system is environmentally friendly and will produce a home that is 30% less expensive to cool.

Check it out on Saturday and see what they have to say. The Smart House is located before the port on the left across from the blue warehouse. Look for their green and white signs.


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