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Reality Shows Discover Nicaragua

It has become fairly common knowledge in San Juan del Sur that the US tv show, Survivor, will be arriving in a month or so to begin filming just south of town.  The Nica Times published a story today about the Corn Island’s experience of having the crew of a similar popular Italian reality tv show: L’Isola dei Famosi (Island of the Famous).  The article also confirms that the US show is in final negotiations to film “Survior”… something we, of course, already knew.

If the US crew is anything like the Italian crew, San Juan businesses shouldn’t get their hopes up too  much about an amazing influx of business cash.  According to this article, some of the businesses contracted to provide services to the film crew haven’t been too thrilled about how it’s working out.  One provider is quoted as saying “They’re disrespectful and they want everything for free.”   Maybe San Juan will have a better experience.  In any case… it should be interesting… and San Juan will survive “Survivor”.

See:  http://www.nicatimes.net/nicaarchive/2010_03/0312101.htm