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Local Community Organization Receives International Attention

Communidad Connect, a local community development organization, was recently featured on an international travel blog for it’s VolunToursim program.  VolunTourism is a volunteer program that connects visitors with a wide range of ongoing community projects..  see:  http://www.tipsfromthetlist.com/22176.html

Comunidad Connect focuses on community development projects around the San Juan del Sur area in the southwest of Nicaragua. These projects include recycling, financial literacy programs, sports, and VolunTourism.  http://www.comunidadconnect.org


San Juan del Sur gaining tourist attention

An increasing number of articles and reviews of the advantages of vacationing in Nicaragua, and more specifically San Juan have been appearing in blogs and e-zines and print publications lately. Here is a recent example: Top 5 Travel Destinations in Nicaragua

Finding your way around

One of the things about Nicaragua that people most like to write about is the street address system, or lack thereof, in most of the country.  Just today, I saw yet another article describing Nicaraguan addresses: How Far Are You From the Place Bono Sang About?

San Juan del Sur is not really big enough to worry about getting lost in (unlike Managua, where I routinely get lost).  However, very interestingly, earlier this year street signs began appearing on the streets of our fair town.  All bearing the Flor de Cana logo nevertheless.  As far as I know though, no one who lives here is aware of the name of the street they live on.  They will, however, know the best way to tell you how to get there… and the names of most of their neighbors.

New streeet signs appear in San Juan del Sur

New streeet signs appear in San Juan del Sur

Advice and Information

I receive a lot of mail asking for information and/or advice about San Juan del Sur.  I thought it might be helpful if I posted some of it here.  I’ve changed the names of those writing… just to be safe and respectful.  If you have a question… please feel free to write to me at sandy@sandyiverson.info


Hi Sandy,

My name is Kaitlin. I am looking to move to San Juan for a bit and was hoping you might tell me a bit about it.  I am mostly concerned about getting some work and what visa restrictions I might incur. Do you know if there are any English language schools there? I am a surfer and am told the surf is in abundance there.  Is there a lot of breaks within walking distance from town? Anything you can think to tell me would be much appreciated. Hope all is well.

Dear Kaitlin,

Work is hard to come by in San Juan del Sur… but if you do find work you probably won’t have to worry too much about visa restrictions; your employer will likely take care of whatever paperwork they deem necessary.  What skills do you have?

You will be more likely to find work if you have a unique skill or are fluent in Spanish and you don’t need to earn very much money. Some skills that could earn you some money in San Juan (esp if you speak Spanish) are: chef; bar-tender; massage therapist; acupuncturist; personal trainer; pilates or yoga instructor. Salaries are very low (about $200-$300 a month) and rent is high (about $75-$200 a month for a shared house). But it is a GREAT place to live!

There are about 4 Spanish Schools I think… but I’m not aware of any English Schools. Some people have eeked a living out of giving private English classes.

The surfing is great I am told (I’m not a surfer) and my friends who live on the far north end of the beach right in town often surf right outside their house. The better breaks are all a short ride out of town…but none are really within walking distance. Once you get to know people you will find ways to get to the beaches.. hitching a ride with friends or taking one of the numerous and fairly cheap shuttles.

Good luck and enjoy San Juan del Sur!


Tourism grows in Nicaragua

“While world tourism numbers dip, tourism in Nicaragua is on the rise, thanks to its competitive prices, natural attractions and central geographic location” writes Nicole Rogers  of the Nica Times.  See the full story at http://www.nicatimes.net/ntstory1.htm

Great YouTube Video on SJdS

Just found this great video featuring San Juan del Sur… check it out… and then come visit us!

Short Scenes from My Nicaragua

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